Dr Chng Shih Kiat Raffles Medical Family Physician

Dr Chng Shih Kiat

Family Physician, Consultant


Dr Chng Shih Kiat is a medical director of Raffles Medical with over 25 years of practice experience. As a medical director, he provides advice and guidance for the general operations of the network of Raffles Medical clinics in Singapore. He serves on the Group’s medical board and actively contributes to the strategic direction and quality standards of the organisation.

As a family physician, consultant who is passionate to advance the field of family medicine, Dr Chng fosters a culture of excellence and collaboration among medical professionals. He is actively involved in teaching and mentoring the next generation of family physicians.

Dr Chng has held various leadership and advisory roles in the College of Family Physicians Singapore, the Ministry of Health, and the Academy of Medicine, Singapore, where he advocates for the best practices and standards in the field of family medicine.


MBBS (Flinders U, Australia) 1993, Dip OM (NUS, Singapore) 2003, Dip (Family Med) (NUS, Singapore) 2006, M Med (Family Med) (NUS, Singapore) 2009, MCFP (Family Med) (College of Family Physicians, Singapore) 2009, FCFP (Family Med) (College of Family Physicians, Singapore) 2011, FAMS (Family Medicine) (Academy of Medicine, Singapore) 2014