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The Tianjin TEDA Clinic first opened its doors in November 2011. The clinic supports the greater Tianjin area, by providing international-standard healthcare services in the region. The clinic offers GP services, routine medical care and is equipped to stabilise medical emergencies prior to evacuation. It is staffed by highly trained, multi-lingual medical practitioners that understand the needs of companies and the international community in China.

There are two Raffles Medical clinics located in Tianjin​. ​​The Tianjin TEDA clinic was established in 2011 due to the rapid growth development in the technological economical, development area of Tianjin. Both clinics have multi-lingual medical practitioners who understand the needs of companies and the international community, particularly in the highly specialised and high risk industrial zones.

The Tianjin, Tianjin TEDA and Beijing medical clinics all have a connection network that allows them to provide care to all patients who are located within the area.

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