Primary Care Network (PCN) FAQs


How do I register myself for this programme? Do I need to be a patient from the polyclinic / hospital?

You can sign up at any Raffles Medical PCN clinic. Click here for a list of the clinics. 

Where can I go for my follow-up check-ups?

You can visit any Raffles Medical PCN clinics located in the East, Central and West clusters, or any PCN GP clinic.

What do I need to bring?

You only need to bring your identification card.

What are the benefits of visiting a PCN clinic?

A PCN clinic offers you the convenience of visiting a nearby GP, shorter waiting time, and the same medical care you will receive at a polyclinic / hospital. For continuity of care, you will be enrolled into a chronic disease register for systematic tracking of your health data.

What medical services / care can I expect from a PCN clinic?

Each PCN has a suite of support services to make care complete, more accessible and convenient for you. A case management team and counsellors will partner with your family physician to support you in your fight against chronic diseases. Specialised services such as dedicated retinal photography and diabetic foot examination can also be done in the PCN for your convenience.

What is the role of the nurse counsellors?

The nurse counsellors will help you understand your condition better, help you set goals and support you in the management of your chronic condition. By careful monitoring your progress through face to face consultations and telephone conversations, they can help you achieve your targets such as smoking cessation and diet modifications, more easily. They are also able to guide you in your daily medical treatments, such as insulin injections for the diabetic and inhaler use for the asthmatic patient. The nurse counsellors will also conduct diabetic foot screenings and provide foot care education.

What is the role of the case manager and care coordinators?

The care coordinators’ role is to coordinate chronic care services as well as mobile Diabetic Eye Screening services. They work with community service providers and public healthcare institutions including physiotherapists, ophthalmologists, to ensure your care is holistic and integrated. They will keep track of your chronic disease through the Chronic Disease Registry so that your condition can be monitored and improved.  

I am a CHAS / PG card holder, can I enjoy my CHAS / PG subsidies for chronic care?

Yes, you can enjoy your CHAS / PG subsidies at Raffles Medical PCN clinics.

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