National Childhood Immunisation Schedule (NCIS)

Recommended Vaccinations under NCIS

(From birth to aged 17 years)

VaccinesRecommended Groups
Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG)Childhood vaccination
DTaP-IPV-Hib (5 in 1)
Childhood vaccination
DTaP-IPV-Hib-HepB (6 in 1)Childhood vaccination
Hepatitis BWithout prior infection, prior vaccination or demonstrable immunity
Influenza 1 dose annually or 1 per season

  • Annual vaccination or per season for all children age 6 months to < 5 years old (6 to 59 months)

  • Annual vaccination or per season for children and adolescents age 5-17 years with specific medical condition or indication.

MMRVChildhood vaccination
Oral Polio Sabin (Bivalent)Childhood vaccination
Human papillomavirus (HPV2)Cervical cancer prevention. 9-14 years old 2 doses;
15-25 years old 3 doses

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Yes, you can use your MediSave to pay for yourself, or your immediate family members, which include your spouse, children and parents.

Singaporeans will be able to use up to $500 of their MediSave account, per year, under the MediSave500 scheme.

Please check with our clinic staff before the vaccination if you wish to use your MediSave.

Please consult with our doctor prior to taking the vaccination, to find out which vaccinations are recommended, and if you are suitable.

You can go to any Raffles Medical GP clinics for your vaccination(s). The vaccinations are also generally available at Medisave-accredited healthcare institutions.

An appointment is not necessary. However, do check with your preferred Raffles Medical clinic on the availability of the vaccinations prior.

Singaporeans aged 18 years and above
Medisave claims# for approved vaccinations under NAIS

#Patients can utilise their own, or their immediate family member’s MediSave.
Different MediSave limits and eligibility criteria apply for different healthcare programmes.

1 MOH official press release
2 CPF ​Scheme - Medisave information