Protect Yourself from the Flu

Even healthy individuals get the flu too! The most effective way of guarding against the influenza virus is to get vaccinated annually. Protect yourself today.

Outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Outbreak in Wuhan

Get the latest on the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak in Wuhan from Raffles Medical Group. Learn about what we currently know about the situation and what you need to know to stay safe.

7-Weeks Antenatal Class (Full Course)

Pregnancy brings a host of physical and emotional changes to the mother’s body. This class allows parents-to-be to learn about these changes, and how to cope with them.

A natural solution for better health

Manage your well-being with a holistic approach through our various TCM packages including fertility and women’s health, pain management, sub-health management and cancer complementary care.

Find your suitable package

If you are still unsure of which health screening package to take up, or wish to enquire for your family and friends, we have an online tool that will be able to help you decide!

Protect Yourself Against Cervical Cancer

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection can cause genital warts, and cancers of the cervix, anus, vulva and vagina. You can screen for HPV using a simple screening kit. Find out more.

Raffles TCM Fertility Booster Package

From lifestyle to age, there are many factors that contribute to infertility. TCM can help to identify the underlying causes of your infertility, and address those issues to boost your fertility potential.