Security Advisory

Raffles Medical Group Fraudulent Website Caution

18 January 2022

It has come to the attention of Raffles Medical Group Ltd (Raffles) that an internet website operating under www.rafflesmed[.]com has been set up. Raffles would like to clarify that the website was not set up by Raffles, neither does it have any affiliation with Raffles and its subsidiaries (Group).

Members of the public are encouraged to obtain information on services and products offered by Raffles and the Group through our official website found at Raffles also maintains social media accounts on Facebook under the name of Raffles Medical Group. Raffles recommends exercising caution with regard to the authenticity and reliability of information published elsewhere, whether purported to be issued by Raffles or otherwise, and to report any suspicious activity to the relevant authorities. Raffles further urges  the  public  not  to respond to other accounts on social media platforms purporting to represent Raffles.

While the objectives and activities of the website are unclear, it is possible that the intention is to impersonate Raffles to perpetuate  fraudulent activities or to mislead the public with the goal of obtaining personal information.

Raffles has communicated with the authorities on this matter.