Supplier Code of Conduct

Updated as of 12 December 2023

Raffles Medical Group Ltd and its subsidiaries (collectively, “RMG") is committed to conducting our businesses and operations with the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We aim to collaborate with our suppliers to create and maintain a sustainable supply chain.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct (“Code”) stipulates the minimum standards of conduct which RMG expects from all its suppliers providing goods and/or services to RMG and compliance with the Code is a condition to contract. It also applies to all employees, group entities, subcontractors and others who act on suppliers’ behalf (collectively “Third Parties”).

It is the responsibility of suppliers to ensure all Third Parties comply with this Code.

This Code does not represent a complete set of the suppliers’ obligations and requirements in supplying goods and services to RMG and the contents herein do not prejudice any other contractual terms that may be agreed between RMG and its suppliers. All suppliers are to be aware of the obligations and requirements under their specific contractual documents such as agreements for goods and/or services, purchase orders, letters of acceptance and tender documents for any additional obligation and requirement. In confirming their acceptance of the terms and conditions stated in the contractual documents, suppliers confirm that their operations fulfill the requirements stated in this Code which shall be deemed incorporated into any relevant contract with RMG. Where there are any perceived discrepancies between the requirements of this Code, contractual terms and prevailing laws and regulations, suppliers are expected to meet the strictest standard that may be applicable.

RMG will review this Code from time to time and reserves the right to amend this Code at its sole and absolute discretion. Changes will be communicated to suppliers for their compliance.

Suppliers will cooperate with RMG by providing any information and documents pursuant to requests or audits that we may initiate to confirm their fulfillment of the requirements stated in this Code. In the event of any supplier’s failure to comply with this Code, RMG shall be entitled to exercise its sole and absolute discretion to terminate any contract or agreement with the supplier. If the standards and requirements imposed under this Code are not effectively upheld or met, RMG reserves the right to suspend any contract or agreement with the supplier until satisfactory improvement is demonstrated.

  1. Laws and Regulations

Suppliers undertake to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries where their respective businesses and operations are carried out and where the goods and services are delivered.

  1. Business Ethics

RMG expects suppliers to uphold highest ethical standards and abide by the following:

    • a. Business integrity

Suppliers shall not engage in any illegal or unethical behaviour. Any form of improper behaviour, including but not limited to, bribery, corruption, fraud, extortion and cheating is prohibited.

    • b. Fair competition

Suppliers shall conduct their business fairly and in compliance with all applicable anti-trust/competition laws.

    • c. Data protection and intellectual property

Suppliers shall protect personal data and confidential information that they obtain in the course of their business dealings with RMG against unauthorised and unlawful use, disclosure, access, loss, alteration, damage and destruction. In doing so, suppliers shall apply at the minimum the same safeguards used to protect their own information and comply with all applicable personal data and privacy laws.

Suppliers shall conduct business in a manner which respects intellectual property rights of RMG and other parties and shall protect such rights to the extent required by law or contractual obligations.

In the event of any breach of data privacy, suppliers shall notify RMG within 24 hours of being made aware of such breaches. Notification of data privacy breaches shall include, but not be limited to extent of breach and what data has been compromised.

    • d. Conflict of interest

Suppliers shall immediately disclose any actual, perceived or potential conflict of interest in any of their business dealings with RMG.

  1. Labour and Human Rights

Suppliers shall respect and uphold the human rights of all employees and treat them with dignity and respect.

Suppliers are required to maintain a fair and equitable work environment that is free from any form of discrimination, intimidation and harassment. Other than abiding by the statutory requirements governing employment, suppliers shall ensure that employment practices do not discriminate upon grounds of age, gender, race, religion or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

Suppliers shall ensure that their operations do not leverage on any form of illegal child labour, modern slavery, such as human trafficking or forced labour, and shall take reasonable steps to avoid contributing to any adverse human rights impacts.

  1. Health, Safety and Quality

Suppliers shall comply with all applicable occupational health and safety laws and regulations. They are to implement effective health and safety policies and procedures to provide workers with a healthy and safe work environment. They shall identify, evaluate and control worker exposure to safety and health hazards, including chemical, biological, physical and ergonomic stressors.

Suppliers shall supply products and services that meet the specifications and needs of RMG, and that are in line with recognised and contractually agreed safety and quality requirements and comply with the local laws in the country in which they are provided to RMG. This includes ensuring that quality assurance processes are in place and all required approvals, licences, certifications and registrations are obtained, properly maintained and kept up to date.

  1. Environment

Suppliers shall operate in a responsible manner by minimising adverse impact on the environment in addition to ensuring compliance with all local environmental laws and regulations. They are encouraged to support sustainable initiatives that conserve natural resources, adopt environmentally responsible practices, engage in activities that reduce waste, reuse products and recycle resources, and avoid the use of hazardous materials where possible.

Suppliers are required to support any sustainability requirements and initiatives requested by RMG such as but not limited to minimising energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

  1. Supplier Diversity

RMG advocates supplier diversity to provide opportunities to all categories of suppliers. Likewise, RMG’s suppliers are expected to practise inclusive sourcing that promotes diversity and inclusion in the supply chain.

  1. Reporting and Inquiries

Suppliers shall put in place appropriate processes and allocate adequate resources to communicate the standards imposed herein to their employees and other Third Parties, to ensure compliance with the requirements of this Code and to effectively manage any compliance risk.

Suppliers and their employees shall, in good faith and in timely manner, report any possible violation or breach to this Code. Such report can be made via the following channels:

Address: Raffles Medical Group, 585 North Bridge Road, #11-00, Singapore 188770

While reports may be made anonymously, parties making the reports are encouraged to state their identity and/or contact particulars to facilitate investigations. All reports will be treated with impartiality, fairness and confidentiality, with importance placed on protecting the party making the report from retaliation or other detriment. Suppliers shall fully cooperate with and not obstruct any review or investigation carried out by RMG in relation to such report. Any report made in good faith, even if subsequently shown to be unsubstantiated following investigations, will not lead to any repercussions. However, appropriate action may be taken against parties who make reports containing malicious allegations (e.g. made for personal gain or with the knowledge that they are false).