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I will be travelling in less than a week, is it advisable to get a vaccination now?

It depends on how long your trip is. For optimal results, you should be vaccinated 4 to 6 weeks before you travel. Immunity after vaccination normally takes up to 2 weeks to develop. Do check with our doctors on the vaccinations required of the country you are travelling to.

Will I fall sick as a result of the vaccination?

A vaccination will not make you sick, but you may develop body ache or fever because your immune system is reacting to the vaccination(s). During consultation, our doctor will advise you on the possible side effects of the vaccination(s) that you are taking.

I am now on antibiotics, can I still proceed with the travel vaccination?

If you are on antibiotics, you are likely to be ill. It is better to delaythe vaccination until you are well.


I have done a travel vaccination before, how do I know if I need to do it again?

It depends on the type of vaccination. The immunity level, and length of protection is different for each vaccination. Some vaccinations require an annual update, while others can last for a few years. Refer to table

I am currently pregnant, can I still get vaccinated?

It varies with different vaccines. Please discuss with  a doctor on your suitability.

I am having a flu / cold, can I still proceed with a vaccination?

If there is a fever or if you have just recovered from a fever, it is best to  plan the vaccination later. 

Where can I go for travel vaccination?

Travel consultation and vaccinations are generally available at all Raffles Medical clinics. However, it is best to check with the clinic prior on the availability of the vaccine. Certain vaccines such as yellow fever are only available at selected clinics.

Are children required to be vaccinated?

It depends on the vaccine and where the children are travelling to. We will require information on the current child’s immunization records before being able to advise accordingly.

What is the minimum age to be vaccinated?

It depends on the vaccines required for the country that the child is travelling to. Our doctors will assess the child’s needs based on past immunization records and recommend vaccinations accordingly.

How long can my vaccination last?

The table below serves as a guide. Do consult with a doctor if a booster or revaccination is required.


Duration of Protection

Hepatitis A

10 to 20 years; no booster is recommended after completing 2 doses

Hepatitis B

5 to 10 years; Pre-vaccination, a serology test may be done to confirm if you are still protected.


12 months

Japanese encephalitis

Duration of protection is unknown. For persons aged 17 years and older, a booster dose may be given if the primary two-dose vaccination series was given one year or more previously and there is continued risk of exposure


3 years


Lifetime (after a single adult booster)


2 doses are required after exposure; serology may be done in certain situations


3 years

Yellow Fever

10 years

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Screening may be required prior to taking the vaccination, 
please consult with our doctors.