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Foreign Patients

How can I make an appointment with your specialist?

Can I make an appointment if I am not based in Singapore? Appointments can be made through our 24-hour dedicated...

Do I need a visa to enter Singapore for medical reason?

Countries/Regions which require a visa for entry into Singapore You may refer below for the list of countries that require...

Would Raffles Hospital assist me with the extension of social pass?

Who can assist me for the extension of my Social Pass? Raffles International Patients Centre can assist you with the...

How do I request for a medical evacuation and admission to Raffles Hospital?

Please contact Raffles International Patients Centre hotline at +65 6311 1666.

Could you recommend/make booking for accommodation around Raffles Hospital?

Raffles International Patients Centre is able to recommend hotel accommodation and assist in booking of hotels and service apartments. You...