Ms Miao Meng

Consultant TCM Physician

Clinical Interest:

Respiratory Conditions; Paediatrics; Dermatology


Physician Miao Meng trained as a western medical doctor and graduated from Inner Mongolia Medical University in 1991 with a Bachelor of Medicine. She served in the 3rd Affiliated Hospital to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. She took a post-graduate course in Acupuncture at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and was awarded a Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. She became a registered TCM Physician in Singapore in 2006 and has practised in Singapore since then.

Physician Miao is qualified to prescribe herbal medication and to provide acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping and tuina treatment.

Treatment services:

TCM Internal Medicine,  Gynaecology,  Pain Management, Cancer Complementary Care, Dermatology, Eye Care, ENT Conditions, Sub-Health Management, Paediatrics.


Master of Medicine in Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Bachelor of Medicine, Inner Mongolia Medical University, Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Registered with the TCM Practitioners Board, Singapore