Raffles Executive Sports Screening

Raffles Executive Sports Screening

Do you engage in regular exercise or intend to start? Our bodies react differently to physical stress, and it is important to ensure that you are healthy and identify any health issues that could cause a risk if you engage in physical activity.

Reports of unexpected and sudden mortalities in sporting events such as marathons, football and other sports have highlighted the need for pre-exercise health screening to identify existing health conditions that might warrant further care.

Who Should Do A Pre-Sports Screening?

  • Those who plan to start an exercise regime / take part in sports activities
  • Those who participate in endurance / recreational sports

The Raffles Executive Sports Screening is suitable for individuals of all age groups. The various tests screen for general health conditions and aim to identify any underlying physical abnormalities that might need further medical care.

When Should I Screen?

You should preferably screen a month prior to the start of your exercise regime.


  • Benefit 01 Screens for overall well-being
  • Benefit 02 Evaluates the response of your heart to physical activity
  • Benefit 03 Assesses your kidneys, lungs and liver functions
Item Purpose
Physical Examination & Assessment
Physical examination and interview on medical history by Doctor Checks the heart, limbs, lungs, and blood pressure. Identifies health risks.
Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)1 A self-assessment tool to find out more about your physical fitness.1
Height and weight measurement Determines if you are in a healthy weight range.
Body Fat Measurement Estimates your body fat percentage using a calliper.
Visual Acuity Checks how well you see the details of a letter or symbol from a specific distance.
Post Review with Doctor Evaluates your screening results.
Laboratory Analysis*
Full Blood Count Checks your general health and to screen for conditions such as anaemia or infections which increase the risk of rhabdomyolysis.
Renal Panel Evaluates kidney function.
Liver Function Ascertains the proper functioning of your liver.
Fasting blood sugar Screens for diabetes mellitus through determining the amount of glucose in the blood after 8 hours of fasting.
Lipid profile Measures the amount of “good” and “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides, a type of fat, in your blood.
Radiology Test
Chest X-ray Checks for any lung conditions.
Other Clinical Assessment
12-Lead Electrocardiogram Provides information about your heart health and rhythm while you are at rest.
Cardiac Assessment
Stress Echocardiogram2 Uses an ultrasound scan to examine the heart structure and heart valve before and after physical exercise. (i.e. before and after a treadmill run)


Please bring along your sports shoes and exercise attire for the treadmill test. Test will be referred to Raffles Hospital.

*Fasting is required 8 hours prior.

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