ThirdPartyAdministrationWe aspire to provide you a simple and hassle free Claims Experience. Click here for claims submission.

You may download and complete our Letter of Guarantee (LOG form), and attached supporting documents such as

  • Admission form stating medical diagnosis,
  • Attending physician and procedure to be done (if any) and
  • Financial counselling form with estimated total charges.
  • You may submit the required documents via the form below or alternatively

Email complete set of documents to shield_claims@raffleshealthinsurance.com or fax to RHI @6812 6615 and we will process within 1 working day from receipt.

You will need pre-authorisation if you wish to receive treatment from a non-panel specialist at the Panel benefits level.

Pre-authorisation for a visit to a non-panel specialist can only occur if the specialty that the patient is being referred to is not available in the existing Panel.

Note: Pre-authorisation treatment only applies for the Post-hospitalisation visit.

Kindly inform your referring Clinic to email the following:

  • Referral Letter to Non-panel Doctor
  • Supporting medical report (if any)​
  • Provide reason for referring to Non-panel doctor

to panel-enquiries@raffleshealthinsurance.com and we will process the pre-authorisation within the next working day.

For hospital bills, you may use the Electronic Claim Submission System at the service provider and we will be automatically notified.

All major hospitals / clinics / medical centres that are accredited by MOH are linked-up to the electronic claim submission system. You can go to CPF Board’s website for an updated listing of the accredited hospitals / clinics/ medical centres.

For Pre and Post Hospitalisation claims, download and complete our Claim Form with supporting documents.

  • Final and Itemised Invoice & Receipt
  • Medical Report (if any)

And mail to
Raffles Shield Claims Department
25 Tannery Lane
Singapore 347786

​Submit Your Claims

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