Room Rates


Room TypePrice S$
(With GST)
Presidential Suite5,988
Raffles Suite and Victoria Suite3,388
Nicoll Suite and Ophir Suite2,188
Executive Suite1,688
Junior Suite988
Deluxe Room898
Single Room778
2-Bedded Room428
4-Bedded Room368
Intensive Care Unit898
Intermediate Care Area798

Nursery & Neonatal Intensive Care

Room TypePrice S$
(With GST)
Nursery – Normal Newborn Care98
Nursery – Neonatal Care Level 1288
Neonatal Intensive Care – Level 2A398
Neonatal Intensive Care – Level 2B628
Neonatal Intensive Care – Level 3748

Day Surgery

Room TypePrice S$
(With GST)
Day Surgery, First 3 Hours128
Subsequent Rate Per Hour – During office hours50
Subsequent Rate Per Hour – After 7pm from Mon to Fri and After 2pm on Sat60
Day Surgery Single Room – Up to 8 hours, 1 Meal Included348


  1. Prices are inclusive of 8% GST
  2. Prices are effective from 01 January 2023 and may be subject to change

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