Direct Billing Services


Yes, direct billing arrangement is available for members of insurance and assistance companies with whom we have contracts.

At Raffles Hospital, we have been working with major international insurance and medical assistance organisations to establish direct billing (cashless) agreements for the benefit of our patients. In a direct billing arrangement, Raffles Hospital settles the bulk of the eligible patients’ bills incurred at our outpatient and inpatient facilities directly with our valued partners.

Direct billing arrangements at Raffles Hospital is available to members of major international insurance and medical assistance companies. If you are a member, you may write to us at to ascertain if the company is a contracted partner with Raffles Hospital.

Every insurance company has its own benefits plan and requirement. Therefore it is important for you to contact your insurance company to check:

  • If Raffles Hospital is in your insurance company’s network
  • What is your entitlement and limits
  • What are the services which need pre-authorisation before you receive them

You may contact your insurance company for pre-authorisation of certain services. You will enjoy direct billing if your insurance company issue a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) for your admission and Raffles Hospital is in your network.

A: Prior to your elective surgery/ procedure, please contact your insurance company to

  • Check if Raffles Hospital is in your insurance company’s network
  • Confirm if pre- authorisation is required for certain services
  • Obtain Letter of Guarantee (LOG) for your admission
  • Understand your insurance’s entitlements and coverage

B: Please bring along the following upon admission:

  • Letter of guarantee
  • Membership card
  • Medical Claim Form

C: During the hospital admission, you will be required to

  • Fill up the relevant portions and endorse on the Medical Claim Form
  • Endorse on the credit card authorisation form for the payment of deductibles, non-coverage items (eg. lodger, laundry, telephone bills) and co-payments

Please bring along your letter of guarantee (if applicable) and insurance membership card as mode of recognition.

Insured members of our direct billing partners with valid LOGs (if applicable) are only required to make payments pertaining to deductibles, co-payments, non-covered fees.

Raffles Hospital shall attempt try to contact your insurance company to obtain the LOG on your behalf. Failing to do so within 24 hours, you are required to make the payments and proceed to claim the medical bills from your insurance company.

In a case of emergency, Raffles Hospital shall assist to contact your insurance company. If we do not receive the necessary documents by the time of discharge, you will be required to settle the payments first.

As different travel and medical insurance policies offers different coverages, please check with your insurance company to confirm on the coverage and extent of coverage for your surgery expenses.

Please obtain a letter of guarantee from your insurance company. If your insurance company is one of whom Raffles Hospital has a direct billing arrangement with, please present the letter of guarantee prior to or during your hospital admission procedure. You would still be required to pay a part of the bill which includes but not limited to co-payments, deductibles, and non-payments.

If your insurance company is yet to have a direct billing arrangement with Raffles Hospital, the extension of cashless arrangement will be reviewed on a case by case basis upon receipt of the letter of guarantee. You may be required to make payments for the surgery first, then claim from your insurance company.

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