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Dr Manish Taneja

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MBBS (India), FRCR (UK)


Neuroscience Centre

Diagnostic Radiology; Interventional Radiology

Clinical Interest

Interventional radiology and neuroradiology


Dr Manish Taneja is a Radiologist. He graduated from Maulana Azad Medical College of Delhi University in 1995. Following his training in India, he moved to the UK, where he obtained his National Training Number in Radiology at the All Wales Higher Training Program after the initial medical training. He trained as a Specialist Registrar for five years and was awarded the UK Radiology Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training in 2005, thus enabling him to practise as a Consultant in UK.

In 2005, Dr Taneja moved to Canada to pursue a one year fellowship in vascular and interventional radiology at the University Health Network comprising Toronto General Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital and Toronto Western Hospital. He trained in all aspects of minimally invasive radiological procedures including peripheral arterial and venous endovascular interventions, hepatobiliary interventions, oncologic interventions, gynecologic interventions, renal and dialysis related interventions.

Dr Taneja did another fellowship in interventional neuroradiology after completing the US licensing exams. He did his one-year fellowship at the University Of Washington School of Medicine, comprising Harborview Medical Center, University of Washington Medical Centre and Seattle Children's Hospital. He trained in all aspects of minimally invasive procedures in the brain, head and neck, as well as spine, with special emphasis on endovascular treatment of brain aneurysms, stroke and arterio-venous malformations.

Prior to joining Raffles Hospital, Dr Taneja worked at Singapore General Hospital. He has a wide range of experience in all radiologically guided minimally invasive procedures, both vascular and non-vascular interventions. He also has special interest in diagnostic neuroradiology and vascular imaging.


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