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Ms Zheng Junwei

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Senior Speech-Language Therapist
Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Australia)


Rehabilitation Centre

Speech Language Therapy

Clinical Interest

Swallowing Disorders, Stuttering Management


Junwei (Jun) graduated from Flinders University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology. Prior to joining Raffles Hospital, Jun practised in Singapore General Hospital and National University Hospital, where she received training in managing children, adolescents and adults with speech, language, cognition, swallowing and fluency disorders. Jun also has expertise in tracheostomy management, alaryngeal voice rehabilitation following head and neck cancer surgery and videofluoroscopy.

Jun has worked extensively with adult patients with swallowing disorders, cognitive impairment, speech and language disorders arising from head and neck cancer, burns trauma, palliative care, as well as neurological origins. She is also highly experienced in treating children, adolescents and adults with stuttering. Furthermore, Jun also has experience in working with children with autism spectrum disorders, developmental language disorders, speech and language delays / disorders.

Apart from clinical work, Jun is actively involved in clinical education and research, and continues to supervise and mentor speech-language therapists. She was previously awarded the Best Oral Presentation Award at the Hong Kong Speech and Hearing Symposium in 2016, and also held several research grants across different clinical sub-specialities. Jun continues to attend and present regularly at local and international conferences.


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