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Love full-contact sports? Beware of dental and orofacial injuries

orofacial injuries are injuries occurring on your face. It can be anything from cuts to your lip, to small tooth fractures or chips. It can also be in the form of more serious injuries like Temporomandibular joint (located just below your ear) dislocations or fractures in your mandibular (jaw) and nasal bone. The most commonly injured area will be the upper lip, and the maxillary incisors (front 2 teeth) these make up about 90 percent of all orofacial injuries. 

Such injuries commonly occur in most full-contact sports, but aren’t unheard off in non-contact sports as well. Some sports that mostly associated to it are; rugby, basketball, football, hockey, martial arts and boxing. Other exercises that might cause such injuries could be water sports like water polo, wake boarding, and weight lifting. 

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