Colorectal Cancer In Singapore


Colorectal cancer
is the


cancer diagnosed in males in Singapore

Colorectal cancer
is the


cause of death from cancer for both males and females

Men and women



have an increased risk of colorectal cancer

There are more than 1,865 cases of colorectal cancer in Singapore each year1.

Did You Know?

Your diet may affect your risk of colorectal cancer.

Diets that may increase your risk of colorectal cancer2

Processed, red meat and alcohol

Diets that may reduce your risk of colorectal cancer3

Fruits and vegetables

When should colonoscopy screening for colorectal cancer be done?

If you are aged



If you show symptoms of colorectal cancer, such as:

Abdominal pain

A change in bowel habits

Sudden or unexplained weight loss

Anal bleeding

You have a family history of colorectal cancer or polyps

Screening Saves Lives

Among colorectal cancer patients

60% survive 5 years
after diagnosis4

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