Excessive Smartphone Usage

Excessive Smartphone Usage

The introduction of technology, such as smart phones, have evolved and improved our lives. It changed the ways people behave around one another and left a large impact on our social practices.

Signs and symptoms of excessive smartphone use:

  • Feeling anxious when the phone is not in your physical possession
  • Compulsively checking the phone for new texts and responding immediately
  • Compulsively checking the phone thinking the mobile phone is vibrating when it is not
  • Not listening to the person talking to you as you are busy checking various social media sites
  • Failing in school/distracted at work
  • Unable to reduce or control smartphone usage despite feeling that it is a problem

How excessive smart phones usage impact life.

Excessive smartphone use can socially isolate a person or disrupt the normal daily routine.
Studies have shown that excessive mobile phone use, particularly before bedtime can result in insomnia.

How can we manage smartphone use?

The following methods can help you control your phone usage:

  • Be aware of the situations and emotions that make you want to check your phone repeatedly. Do something else that will soothe you instead
  • Be disciplined about not using the smart phone in certain situations e.g. when going to bed, when you are with your kids, or while at a meeting
  • Prioritise. You don’t always have to respond to your messages immediately. Avoid browsing the web or checking social media sites when you have work to complete.

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