The Quadrants of Health

Achieve a fuller health in the midst of the festive celebrations by understanding the quadrants of health. The meaning of each quadrant is embodied in a common mandarin festive greeting - 花好月圆 (huā hǎo yuè yuán) , which means “May everything in your life be in its place with perfect happiness”. Let’s understand them quarter by quarter.



Flowers are frequently used in Chinese culture for various auspicious representations. As the Mid-Autumn Festival coincides with the blossoming of Osmanthus flowers, this fragrant flora has become infused in the mid-autumn tradition of Osmanthus cakes and wines during this festive season. Osmanthus is believed to be synonymous with longevity, and Osmanthus wine is often offered as a toast to the elders for good health and longevity.

In the modern context, to enjoy good quality of life, regular health checks are encouraged to ensure our health is on the right track. Start by getting an overview of your health with packages catered to all ages and needs.


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Enhanced Health Screening

The road to longevity starts with good health. Get a comprehensive overview of your health with enhanced health screening.

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Specialist Healthcare

Have all spectrum of your healthcare needs catered to with the multi-disciplinary services available at our Raffles Specialist Centres.

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In ancient times, the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates a worker’s hard work and good harvest. It was a celebration of well-being and prosperity.

In developed countries such as Singapore, taking care of your health and wellness is also a form of reward for all the hard work you have put in. Your mental and physical well-being is just as important. Restore your overall health with our holistic services.


Raffles Supplements

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Comprehensive Dental Screening

Maintain good oral health with early dental intervention and prevention.

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Raffles Dental Care

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Tui Na and Acupuncture

Restore and rejuvenate your internal balance with a personalised treatment plan.

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A full moon symbolises reunion and togetherness. As such, mooncakes are made to be round, and eaten together with the family as a symbol of reunion.

Fun fact: A mooncake is not supposed to be eaten whole, but is cut into the number of pieces corresponding to the number of family members in your household. This signifies how each member (pieces) is connected and thus, comes together as a whole.

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Video Consult

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Acute/Chronic Medication Refill

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Full circle; Completeness

Circles are seen as symbols of perfection in the Chinese culture. It is believed that everything would fall into place as a whole because the fullness of the moon also signifies completeness.

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