Step by Step: Your Child’s Development

First, you are worried about your child’s growth and development. But before you know it, your child is heading to a childcare centre, followed by pre-school and soon preparing for primary school. You start worrying if your child is getting along with others, if his playtime is adequate or if he should be attending enrichment classes. Specialists from Raffles Children Centre and Raffles Specialists- Raffles Holland V touch on handling your child’s growing years.

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How to Get Children to Kick Bad Habits

Thumb and finger sucking is instinctive in almost every single baby. It is borne out of the rooting and sucking reflexes. The oral route is the infant’s avenue of soothing himself. Later, the mouth becomes his security and exploratory escapades of the world around him. Most babies eventually outgrow this phase although a few would continue.

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