5 Tips For Women To Minimize Hair Loss


“A woman’s hair is her crowning glory.”

Thus, I can fully understand the pain and agony we get when we see clumps of hair literally coming off into our palms. Is this perfectly normal? Read on to explore this hair raising issue.

Most forms of hair loss are actually normal. It is important to know that shedding of hair is a natural process with anything from 100 to 300 strands shed each day. Here we give you 5 tips to minimize such unfortunate hair loss:

Heating Agents

Hair straighteners, curlers and hairdryers. These are common applicators that we use to keep our hair in shape. However, it is best not to subject our hair to frequent heating and drying procedures. He noted that constant heating and drying can lead to brittleness and fragility that causes premature hair loss. Minimize the usage of these heating agents and your crown will thank you for it! Remember, natural drying is best for your hair to avoid damaging any hair follicles.

Dye Jobs

Yes, experimenting with hair dyes can be fun and exciting. However, according to Dr Chris Foo, Dermatologist, Raffles Skin & Aesthetics Centre, it is best to exercise caution when using hair dyes due to the risk of allergic reactions.

Many hair dye products contain PPD (Paraphenylenediamine) which could trigger sensitivity reactions for some. Symptoms of such allergic reactions include rashes, flaky scalp and even facial swelling. I am sure you would not want that to happen! Choose hair dyes that do not contain PPD if you are afraid of allergy but do note that these may not be as black in color.

Get Your Stress Under Control

As we all know, too much stress damages our body, and our hair is no exception. According to Dr Joshua Kua, Psychiatrist, Raffles Counselling Centre, loss of hair can be one of the ways our body is telling us that we are overdoing things or overly stressed and that it is time for us to take a step back and relax. So be sure to get adequate beauty sleep!

Styling the Right Way

Sure, the idea of having those braids seems harmless, but if it requires tight pulling and elastics, then you are on your way to speeding up the rate of your hair loss. Tight ponytails, corn-rows and plaits can lead to significant hair loss if done daily. Thus, a simple loose ponytail will do the trick.

A Big No to Brushing Wet Hair

Avoid brushing wet hair. This snaps off a lot of hair that could still be growing! Even if you must, be sure to use a very wide toothed comb. Use your fingers to undo tangles, not a comb or brush.

You may treat this as your very own hair-mantra and you are well on your way to have lustrous and healthy locks! Say goodbye to dull frizzy hair!