Look Good Post-Flight

Look Good Post-Flight

A long flight can take a toll on your face but you don’t have to look like a wreak post-flight. Put cramped quarters, dry recycled air and endless hours up in the air together and you’ll have a recipe for a beauty disaster.  But fret not, here is together a list of pointers on how to look great after a red-eye flight – now you can sashay out of the airport looking your best:

1) Go Bare-Faced

To look fresh-faced after you land, make sure that your skin is free of makeup before you board the plane. If you are not comfortable going around without any make-up, keep it minimal to sunscreen, a tinted moisturiser and a lip balm to keep your skin and lips well hydrated.

2) Salon In The Air

Bouncy, nice-smelling hair after a long flight is not impossible. All you need is a small bottle of dry shampoo or hair powder. Simply rub it into your scalp and there you have it – instant voluminous hair.

3) Banish Puffy, Bloodshot Eyes

Did you bawl your eyes out while watching an in-flight tearjerker movie, or are your eyes just prone to dryness? Request for some ice from the cabin crew, wrap it in a handkerchief or layers of paper serviettes and apply it under the eyes. It’ll soothe and shrink those unsightly eye-bags in a jiffy.

4) Hydrate Your Skin

The atmospheric conditions at a high altitude can lead to dehydration and dry skin. Slap on a layer of water-rich moisturiser (rather than oil-rich) to keep your skin fresh and moisturized!

5) Drink Up 

It’s not just the skin that suffers under low humidity. You’ll need to drink to keep hydrated. Fizzy drinks have an unsightly bloating effect in the tummy; tea and coffee are diuretics; and alcohol exacerbates dehydration. Instead, take plenty of water and juices for skin that’s radiant and rosy.

6) Wear Comfortable Clothes that Don’t Wrinkle Easily

Consider darker coloured clothes to conceal any food and drink spills. As it gets chilly up in the air, don’t forget to keep a wrap handy. If you’re travelling in sandals, you might want to pack some socks along to keep your toes warm.

7) Mask-querade

A sleep mask can be useful if you hope to do more than just doze on the journey. You will find that it’ll help you sleep better in a brightly-lit cabin. After all, if you are properly rested, chances are you will look fresh and happy. Consider a face mask to prevent yourself from catching any viruses from passengers who are ill.

8) Keep the Blood Flowing 

Support hosiery is a great way to avoid circulation problems. Guys can benefit with support socks too. Even when strapped down and facing air turbulence, you can flex your ankles in an up-and-down motion to keep the circulation going in your feet and legs. Every hour or two, take a walk to the bathroom.

9) Seeing Red

Wearing contact lenses at high altitudes is unpleasant and may cause dry, bloodshot eyes. Unless your flight is less than four hours and you are not planning to sleep through the flight, consider changing into a pair of spectacles for a more comfortable flight. Bloodshot eyes can be remedied with eye drops or cold compresses to help constrict the blood vessels in your eyes.

10) Touch Up

Congratulations, you have survived your flight and will be touching down to your dream destination soon. To avoid looking like an extra from The Walking Dead, touch-ups are a must! Apply a fresh layer of tinted moisturiser or BB cream to even out a fatigued complexion and add a little blusher for a healthy glow.

Travel essentials

Your beauty cheat box – pack these items into your hand carry before you fly!  

  • Facial wipes – great for refreshing your face or removing old make-up
  • Skin Moisturiser / Hydrating Spray – a must for a well-hydrated skin while  at 10,000 feet in the air
  • Hydrating Lip Gloss / Lip Balm – chapped lips are a big no-no, apply lip-balm generously for plump, kissable lips
  • Dry Shampoo – oily scalp? Get your tresses bouncy and clean with just a simple spritz of dry shampoo
  • BB Cream – a little BB cream goes a long way in evening out your complexion
  • Blusher – Add a little red to your cheeks for a radiant finish