Natural Beauty at Work

Natural Beauty at Work

Work brings about a specific set of aesthetic problems, especially if you are office-bound. The dry air-conditioning dehydrates your skin and the glaring computer screen strains your eyes. Snuff out the problems with solutions provided by our experts.

Dry or Oily Skin

Causes: Harsh air-conditioning, or inadequate water intake

Solution: Stay hydrated. 

  • Dry Skin: Moisturise diligently. If the air-conditioning is blowing on your hands and face, have your hand-cream and face mist near you.
  • Oily Skin: Oil blotters are the perfect solution for an oily face. Keep a healthy stash in your office drawers.

Did you know? Your skin will start to produce oil to compensate the dryness caused by the air-conditioning. It usually starts in your T-zone.

Dry or Tired Eyes

Causes: Heavy use of computers

Solution: Take frequent breaks and blink frequently. Adjust your screen brightness and position. Eye massage – pressure points include the eye socket bones, under the brow bone and the temples. Apply eye drops if your eyes are dry.

Adult Acne and Pimples

Causes: Stress, dirty office furniture and gadgets, makeup

Solution: Engage in relaxing activities.

  • Clean your office furniture and gadgets regularly.
  • Give your office phone a good wipe-down every other day.
  • Try lighter makeup.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) and Jaw Clenching

Causes: Stress, habit

Solution: Visit a dentist regularly to monitor the grinding and clenching habit. Your dentist may prescribe a mouth guard to protect your teeth. Maintain healthy stress levels.

Did you know? Bruxism often happens at night when you are asleep and unaware, while clenching often occurs during periods of high stress. Bruxism may cause tired jaws when you wake up and extremely sensitive teeth. Clenching can cause stress lines in the teeth which can worsen into crack lines and ultimately, pain and fracture of teeth.

Dry Flaky Lips

Causes: Air-conditioning and inadequate water intake

Solution: Apply lip balm regularly. You can also apply a layer of petroleum jelly before your lipstick. Sip from a cup, not straw. The repetitive pursing action from sucking a straw forms wrinkles! So, use a good old-fashioned mug.