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3月是大肠癌意识月,大肠癌是本地头号癌症杀手,男女患病比例相等。 平日饮食与生活,应该注意哪些事项?若发现任何异样,如何应对?莱佛士外科医疗中心外科顾问医生黄振为读者解答有关大肠癌的问题。 血,是否表[…]

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Bariatric Surgery Debunked

Bariatric Surgery: Debunked

Bariatric surgeries were first started in 1965 by the father of obesity surgery, Dr Edward Mason. 50 years on, we speak to Dr HG Baladas, Specialist in General Surgery & Consultant, Raffles Surgery Centre to understand the myths behind the science and art of bariatric surgeries.

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