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Vaccinations for Adults

Although you may have been vaccinated as a child, the protection from some vaccines can wear off. You may also be at risk for other diseases due to your job, lifestyle, travel or health conditions. Find out why vaccines are safe and what are recommended for the adults.

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The impact of COVID-19 on older people

Why should an older person get the COVID vaccine? The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected the whole world infecting over 100 million people and causing 2.5 million deaths as of 27th February 2021. Studies on the pandemic have shown that COVID-19 has a heavy impact on older people.

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Raffles Radiotherapy Centre

How Radiotherapy Works

Every cancer treatment plan is different and personalised to each patient, depending on the condition. Learning and understanding about radiotherapy treatments may help you or your loved ones feel more prepared and at ease in your cancer-management journey.

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