In a year like no other, your health means more. As we bring on the festive indulgence, let’s not forget to also indulge in our well-being. Here are three ways to a wholesome celebration for you and your loved ones.

12 holiday activities for your physical and mental health

While we may be celebrating the holidays differently this year, there are still a myriad of activities to do in Singapore that may help keep your physical and mental health on track. Find out how you can transform your Christmas feast with a healthier twist or get some digital detox and solo date ideas today.

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Preventative care

There’s no better present this season than fortifying you and your loved one’ health.

Essential Health Screening

Get a head start on your health with a range of preventive baseline assessments.

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Enhanced Health Screening

Manage your health and make better lifestyle decisions with a more in-depth and personalised approach.

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Raffles Healthy Heart Screening

Identify hidden cardiac disease risks with a baseline screening of your heart health. Early screening helps in prevention for those with or have a family history of heart disease or sudden cardiac death.

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Raffles Internal Medicine Treasures Screening

Evaluate your risk of various cancers and diseases with a specialist consultation included to provide you insights about your test results.

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Raffles Treasures Ladies

Ladies stay on top of your game and address any health concerns that may grow with age by screening key health indicators and consulting our gynaecologist.

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Influenza Vaccination

Prevent the flu before it gets to you. Reduce your risk of contracting and spreading this viral illness with an annual influenza shot.

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HPV Vaccination

Lower your chances of a HPV infection that may lead to precancerous or cancerous changes with a HPV vaccination. The HPV vaccine is strongly recommended for unvaccinated females and males from 9 to up to 45 years old

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TDAP Vaccination

Did you know adults should receive one shot of TDAP vaccination every 10 years? Protect yourself against diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough today.

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Home Based Influenza (Flu) Vaccination

Minimise crowd exposure and have your flu vaccination done at the comfort of your own home for you and your family.

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Wellness care

Pamper yourself with a year-end reward to re-energise before 2021 comes.

Scaling and Polishing

Upkeep your oral hygiene routine and keep your gums and teeth healthy through regular cleaning.

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Routine Dental Check-up

Prevent and detect any dental issues early through a dental x-ray and a comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums and mouth.

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Let us help you smile with confidence through straightening of any overcrowded or crooked teeth or correcting other orthodontic problems such as over or under bites, tooth gaps and incorrect jaw position.

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Raffles TCM Fertility Booster Package

Enhance your fertility and improve your chances of pregnancy through a holistic and traditional Chinese medicine approach.

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Raffles TCM Men’s Wellness

Rejuvenate yourself with tailored and personalised acupuncture sessions to help regulate the flow of energy in your body.

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Raffles TCM Women’s Wellness

Revitalise your body and regain physical and emotional balance with various TCM treatments for the different stages of life.

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