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COVID-19 Vaccination 101

Living through a pandemic in a digital world can be information overload. It is normal to feel concerned and worried. Let us help you better understand the development of COVID-19 vaccination to enable you to make a more well-informed decision.

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Is my vaginal discharge normal?

Abnormal vaginal discharge can occur when there are changes in the balance of bacteria in the vagina. Such changes can affect the smell, colour, and discharge texture.

Read on and learn how to reduce your chances of an abnormal vaginal discharge.

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Alcohol use and your health

Moderate amounts have been linked to health benefits, but it is also addictive and highly toxic — especially when you drink too much. Learn about the health effects of alcohol vary between individuals and the best practise on the amount and type of alcohol consumed.

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Cancer screening for the general population

While some cancer makers can be considered for individuals with risk factors, many cancer markers are not recommended as a screening tool by many experts. Learn how essential health screening tests, may have some cancer screening modalities considered to be essential for the general population.

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