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  • Raffles Hospital opens new Nuclear Medicine Centre.
  • Watch this advisory video and learn how you can suvive the haze as we anticipate its return.
  • Raffles Hospital warmly welcomes the new doctor on the block – Dr Lim Lee Guan, Specialist in Gastroenterology & Consultant.
  • Raffles Hospital Clinches Top Healthcare Spot in CSISG 2013.

Ask a Raffles Doctor

Q: I experience knee pain when I climb the stairs. I cannot move immediately when I stand up after sitting for some hours. Also, when I exercise, there is audible 'creaking sound' when I move my knees. Does this imply that my cartilage is wearing off? Will sports aggravate my condition?

A: Your knee pain is caused by excessive pressure between the kneecap (patella) and the front of the thighbone (femur). When we walk and stand, the pressure here is...